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"Voicetraining and Body Language" ab April 2020 HWR Berlin

Research has verified that the lasting impression you make is a matter of personality and charisma and not just what you actually say. This is why both your body language and your voice play a substantial role for your success. Moreover, body language is not only visible outwardly - it also has an impact inwardly, on your personality and charisma.


Think about situations involving public presentations and body language, and propose what you would like to practice on.

1. This workshop focuses on a self-aware and confident appearance. Participants perform role-playing exercises to test effects of the conscious use of the voice and body language.

2. During the exercises you will train your overall performance and the use of your voice. This includes breathing technique as well as the lively use of the voice and speaking.  There will be time to train presentation skills and get to know relaxation techniques against stage fright, as well as exercises to enhance room and stage presence.

3. Participants will also have the opportunity to examine habits of personal body language in leadership situations, in job interviews, when dealing with conflicts when introducing one’s self. You will receive feedback that helps you consider what is useful, and what would be better to change and train it?

4. Then the participants will play status games in order to escape from old habits and transform unaware reactions into aware actions, and last but not least everybody will receive productive feedback.


Total workload 210 hours;

presence time 64 hours, additional learning time 146 hours